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Retailer Goes 'All In' with Cloud Call Center Choice
One of inContact's newest converts is a major retailer that has "seen the light" and is moving its call center operations to the company's unified cloud platform.

Contact Center Survey Turns up Some Surprises
Those in charge at contact centers believe that 1-800 numbers to live representatives, online self-service, and email are the most important methods of communication.

New Version Rolls Out for InContact Cloud Solution
The cloud contact center leader has just debuted the fall 2015 release of its award-winning cloud contact center platform.

Finding: Contact Centers Need to Raise the Bar
A new report reveals important findings, providing a glimpse into what today's contact center professionals stress as important, unimportant and what changes they find necessary.

Best Sales Effort Coming with Cloud Contact Center
InContact's proven speed to implement and scalability were the key factors for the company's decision to move 650 agents to the inContact cloud.

Preparations Finalizing for ICUC Show
The three-day event will explore opportunities for cloud innovation at an unprecedented time of rapid change in the customer service arena.

Is Your Compliance as High as Your Quality?
Before assuming your contact center compliance is fine, you should invest in at least a short consultation with a local attorney specializing in the area.

Social Media Brings New Opportunities to Call Center
Just because your agent is a champion handling phone calls does not necessarily mean they are equally stellar when sending an email, or handling a chat.

Workers to Gauge Customer Satisfaction in a Better Way
The connection between Salesforce and the inContact routing engine is at the core of both the customer and agent experience.

Optimal Changes Seen Coming to Call Centers
Considered as a touchpoint of growing importance, call centers are bound to make an interesting subject of a Customer Experience makeover.

What Does a Call Center Do With Your Data?
InContact's new security certification now adds the highest level of standardized data protection to an already industry-leading level of security of its cloud contact center platform.

BPO Goes to the Cloud for Best-Case Scenario
A BPO is usually implemented as a cost-saving measure for the needs a company requires, and its use as a contact center fits the bill.

Optimum Results Can be Found in Proper Speech Analysis
Speech Analytics is a tool that can cost-effectively transcend your organization and enhance your customer journey by analyzing your interactions, identify trends and help your organization make decisions.

Help Make Your Staffers the Best They Can Be
With social media playing such a large, influential part in how potential customers choose new companies, it's more critical than ever that companies get their support ducks in a row.

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Introducing The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center

Introducing The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center™
Read how inContact gave four contact centers the power to put their customers first by solving every day contact center challenges.


Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Analytics-Driven Quality (ADQ) Powered by Verint®
While monitoring, measuring, and managing agent performance and service quality remain a priority, many contact centers are doing more than traditional quality monitoring-they're using "voice of the customer" intelligence to drive better decisions on products, services, and processes. Analytics allow a more sophisticated and efficient look into a larger sample of data and help you answer WHY like never before.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Workforce Optimization Brochure
inContact Workforce Optimization (WFO) is the first cloud workforce optimization solution. From interactions to staffing to learning retention and processes, inContact WFO can provide unprecedented visibility into performance, operations, and customer intelligence across your organization.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Workforce Management Datasheet
In this datasheet, we examine the challenges of managing the workforce in the contact center environment, particularly for the small to midsized center.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Quality Monitoring Datasheet
inContact Quality Monitoring can help you capture, evaluate, and learn from customer interactions, including voice conversations, email, Web chat sessions, and more.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Workforce Optimization Datasheet
inContact Workforce Optimization is a suite of cloudbased enterprise Workforce Optimization software and services that lets you perfect your customer service.


Putting Workforce Optimization to Work

Putting Workforce Optimization to Work
Learn how to deliver on the expectations of the mobile, multichannel customer requires companies to predict customer demand and manage agent resources more effectively.

Putting Workforce Optimization to Work

Business Motivators for Quality Monitoring
In an era of dynamic consumer demands, increased focus on customer engagement and tremendous choice and information, the valuation of customer experience initiatives is more evident and more needed than ever before.


Transforming the Customer Experience

Transforming the Customer Experience
Read how inContact gave four contact centers the power to put their customers first by solving every day contact center challenges.