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Company Makes 'Optimal' Choice for Expansion
InContact's cloud solutions enable companies to easily scale up services to accommodate rapid growth.

Finding: Call Centers Can Do Better
Call centers always seem to get a bad rap, and maybe there's a reason for that. Think about it: No one calls up when they're happy.

Workers Need To Know Management Has Their Back
Research shows the phone is still the most widely used customer contact tool. So why is it being phased out?

Staff Optimization Pays Big Dividends
The hiring process -- and the new hire's perception of it -- is just as important to a successful WFO strategy as the selection of the right technology.

Help on the Way for 'Challenged' Call Centers
A survey found that all the challenges found by those working in contact centers were inter-related.

InContact Recognized for Customer Support, More
InContact was just recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership.

Handling Calls in an Optimal Manner
Most people can't stand robotic voices. They want to go immediately to a representative. With instant messaging, they won't know it's a robot.

Omnichannel? If You're Not There, You Should Be
The Omnichannel effort can pay big dividends in the contact center industry.

Customer Experience is Call Center Goal for 2016
Disgruntled customers are a way of life, but some believe there is room for improvement.

Optimizing all Your Tools Pays Off
As contact centers continue their reach-out to make themselves all things to all customers, one idea getting a closer look is that of becoming "omni-channel."

Contact Centers Run Better When Everyone's in Sync.
Have you thought about 'metrics calibration'? You should.

Contact Centers Raising Their Game
Clear-Voice ability is beginning to take on new importance in the contact center.

Report: Contact Center Providers Eyeing the Cloud
Cloud call centers are primed for big growth in the year ahead, but there is still work to be done.

More Than 300 Staffers to Benefit from Cloud Facilitation
A facilities expert has 300 agents in five contact centers and dozens more in remote and at-home locations, and is primed to utilize inContact's flexible Cloud Contact Center Platform.