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Company Makes 'Optimal' Choice for Expansion
InContact's cloud solutions enable companies to easily scale up services to accommodate rapid growth.

Finding: Call Centers Can Do Better
Call centers always seem to get a bad rap, and maybe there's a reason for that. Think about it: No one calls up when they're happy.

Workers Need To Know Management Has Their Back
Research shows the phone is still the most widely used customer contact tool. So why is it being phased out?

Staff Optimization Pays Big Dividends
The hiring process -- and the new hire's perception of it -- is just as important to a successful WFO strategy as the selection of the right technology.

Help on the Way for 'Challenged' Call Centers
A survey found that all the challenges found by those working in contact centers were inter-related.

InContact Recognized for Customer Support, More
InContact was just recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership.

Handling Calls in an Optimal Manner
Most people can't stand robotic voices. They want to go immediately to a representative. With instant messaging, they won't know it's a robot.

Omnichannel? If You're Not There, You Should Be
The Omnichannel effort can pay big dividends in the contact center industry.

Customer Experience is Call Center Goal for 2016
Disgruntled customers are a way of life, but some believe there is room for improvement.

Optimizing all Your Tools Pays Off
As contact centers continue their reach-out to make themselves all things to all customers, one idea getting a closer look is that of becoming "omni-channel."

Contact Centers Run Better When Everyone's in Sync.
Have you thought about 'metrics calibration'? You should.

Contact Centers Raising Their Game
Clear-Voice ability is beginning to take on new importance in the contact center.

Report: Contact Center Providers Eyeing the Cloud
Cloud call centers are primed for big growth in the year ahead, but there is still work to be done.

More Than 300 Staffers to Benefit from Cloud Facilitation
A facilities expert has 300 agents in five contact centers and dozens more in remote and at-home locations, and is primed to utilize inContact's flexible Cloud Contact Center Platform.

Cloud Contact Center Takes it to the Limit
With inContact, Columbia Sportswear can manage agents in multiple buildings, states, and even multiple countries on a single platform regardless of physical location, team size, call volume, or other normal constraints of a PBX-based solution.

Optimize Your Staffers, Optimize Your Results
Marketers are sending increasingly targeted and personalized messages to consumers. Call centers need to do the same.

Power Company Fired Up for InContact
The company will implement inContact's cloud solution to more than 200 agents in four contact centers.

Optimal Scenario? When Callers Stay Happy With Your Call Center
In a new report, findings show that what contact center leaders believe about their business, and customers' perceptions of those same beliefs, are widely different.

Five Ideas for Happier Workers
This might seem like a no-brainer, but it's really Work 101: Happy employees are productive employees.

Contact Center Market Braces for Expansion
A new report that looked at the call center industry for the next five years out projects a growth rate of nearly ten percent across the board.

Cloud Contact Center Software Wins Again
InContact recently received the prestigious 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership.

Critical Thinking Critical to Contact Center Growth
A recent blog highlights the value of using data collected in a call center to its best advantage.

Call Centers Growing, Thanks to the Cloud
Companies are reportedly moving their contact centers to the cloud to realize the flexibility, agility, scalability and cost benefits of this implementation model.

Staffers Work Better with Better Gear: Finding
In new work environments characterized by proliferating user devices, the need for mobility and the desire to eliminate noise, professional headsets can foster smarter collaboration and enhance worker productivity.

Optimal Call Center Offerings Help Transport Company Grow
No matter what you order from an online site, somehow they have to get the product to you to complete the sale, and with drones not yet widely available, the transport industry is happily filling the void.

Better Results Achievable 'By the Numbers'
Self-service analytics is increasingly beneficial, since customers often complain or opt out of a self-service tool.

Call Centers May Get Government Collection Boost
The latest budget bill on Capitol Hill could include a rider that allows debt collectors to robocall individuals' mobile phones.

Workers Can Be Better; Here's How
There are several steps savvy contact center managers can take to get a better ROI on systems ... and people.

Know the Meaning Behind the Tech Words
The term 'multichannel' defines the various channels that are made available to connect with an organization

BPO Workforce Optimized via Unique Staffers
StatesideBPO's expansion of inContact solutions includes a suite of Workforce Management (WFM) tools designed to improve contact center operations and increase efficiency.

'Optimal' Call Centers Recognized
Contact centers that went above and beyond were lauded for their efforts recently.

Contact Centers in EMEA Set to Expand
Contact center systems suppliers in EMEA will need to expand more heavily into adjacent customer support areas such as omni-channel support, big data, and mobility.

Retailer Goes 'All In' with Cloud Call Center Choice
One of inContact's newest converts is a major retailer that has "seen the light" and is moving its call center operations to the company's unified cloud platform.

Contact Center Survey Turns up Some Surprises
Those in charge at contact centers believe that 1-800 numbers to live representatives, online self-service, and email are the most important methods of communication.

New Version Rolls Out for InContact Cloud Solution
The cloud contact center leader has just debuted the fall 2015 release of its award-winning cloud contact center platform.

Finding: Contact Centers Need to Raise the Bar
A new report reveals important findings, providing a glimpse into what today's contact center professionals stress as important, unimportant and what changes they find necessary.

Best Sales Effort Coming with Cloud Contact Center
InContact's proven speed to implement and scalability were the key factors for the company's decision to move 650 agents to the inContact cloud.

Preparations Finalizing for ICUC Show
The three-day event will explore opportunities for cloud innovation at an unprecedented time of rapid change in the customer service arena.

Is Your Compliance as High as Your Quality?
Before assuming your contact center compliance is fine, you should invest in at least a short consultation with a local attorney specializing in the area.

Social Media Brings New Opportunities to Call Center
Just because your agent is a champion handling phone calls does not necessarily mean they are equally stellar when sending an email, or handling a chat.

Workers to Gauge Customer Satisfaction in a Better Way
The connection between Salesforce and the inContact routing engine is at the core of both the customer and agent experience.

Optimal Changes Seen Coming to Call Centers
Considered as a touchpoint of growing importance, call centers are bound to make an interesting subject of a Customer Experience makeover.

What Does a Call Center Do With Your Data?
InContact's new security certification now adds the highest level of standardized data protection to an already industry-leading level of security of its cloud contact center platform.

BPO Goes to the Cloud for Best-Case Scenario
A BPO is usually implemented as a cost-saving measure for the needs a company requires, and its use as a contact center fits the bill.

Optimum Results Can be Found in Proper Speech Analysis
Speech Analytics is a tool that can cost-effectively transcend your organization and enhance your customer journey by analyzing your interactions, identify trends and help your organization make decisions.

Help Make Your Staffers the Best They Can Be
With social media playing such a large, influential part in how potential customers choose new companies, it's more critical than ever that companies get their support ducks in a row.

County Seeks Optimal Solution via inContact
A local county's transition from its current aging premise system will center around inContact's customizable cloud system.

New Honor for inContact's Many Offerings
inContact recently got high marks in customer satisfaction, for its "ease of implementation and deployment, flexibility to make changes, and its advanced capabilities."

Remote Management Software Key for Call Centers with Work At Home Agents
With all that said, a recent online story talked about the dangers a company can face when it comes to remote agents while also pointing out what firms can do to sidestep those dangers.

InContact in Focus with New Chief Strategy Officer
It's been said that you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. And for inContact, the leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, they've been someplace interesting: the forefront of the contact center industry.

Optimizing Your Staffers Pays Dividends
Is the contact center the best possible place to train for more senior-level jobs in a company? Quite possibly, according to a recent article in Forbes.

Formula for Success Includes Happy Content Center Staffers
A recent online story noted that one bad experience will drive away as many as 40 percent of customers. That's why it's important to assure customer service interactions are coming from real people.

The Many Parts of WFO Cited for Contact Center Operations
WFO users can break down the category into several significant parts, all contributing to a smooth-running operation.

The Call Center Shows New Potential
A new study says companies need to realize the true potential their contact center holds for them.

Trade Show Attendees Ready to Raise Their Game
InContact's ICUC event will focus on the most important topics, trends and challenges of the contact center industry, with a view toward helping attendees improve their customers' journeys.

Finding: Growth is Good for Call Centers
The Wall Street Journal took a deep dive into research giant Deloitte's 2015 Global Contact Center Survey. The findings will surprise you.

Is Your Workforce a 'Team'? It Should Be
The comparison of a sports team and your staffers is not much of a stretch. Be sure to treat your processes as such.

Contact Centers Succeed When Everyone Shares the Common Goal
In this age of instant, anonymous contact, some customers still will have the need to speak to a real person in real time.

Call Analysis Growing in Favor
One tool being used with more frequency in call centers is analytics software, a product used to -- as its name implies -- analyze calls for valuable data.

Contact Centers at Federal Level Can Do Better
Overall scores for government contact centers improved four points in 2014 to 67, a rebound from a nine-point dropoff in 2013.

Workers Now Seeing Benefits of 'Social' Contacts
Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other myriad choices available, it seems as if everyone uses something 'socially' today.

Quality Rises along with Call Center Workers' Happiness
The application of a Workforce Management program within a call center can be defined as achieving and maintaining operational efficiency.

New Tools Aid One Call Center's Work Needs
Integrating WFM with their existing cloud contact center core from inContact will provide one company the data-enabled tools needed to balance agent work schedules.

Workforce Management, Other Options Now Sought After in Contact Centers
InContact's new partner SmartAction offers a solution called Intelligent Voice Automation, which leverages an AI brain that can reason and learn from experience.

Do the Math: Call Center People Deserve More
An industry insider asserts that if you pay your contact center workers a better wage, your profits will rise.

Finding: Contact Centers Can Do Better
Of the millions who dial into call centers every year, nearly two-thirds are frustrated before they even start talking with a customer service representative, according to the survey data.

Optimal Workforce Includes Those That Go Beyond
Workers who understand customers, empathize with them, know where to find answers and always keep their cool, even with testy customers, are an asset.

Optimizing the Cloud for Call Center Productivity
As part of one city's transition away from its aging premise system and onto something that can keep up with the anticipated growth, inContact will provide a customizable and agile cloud system.

It Matters Who Records Company Messages
One thing most people give very little thought to is the recorded voice on the other end when they call a company and get into the 'phone-tree.' They should re-think that.

Award Season for Those Who Answer the Call
Nominations for inContact's 'MoJo Awards' are now open. Who do you know who's deserving?

Cloud Brings Together Two Industry Leaders
As successful businesses grow, their customer support needs expand and evolve. The cloud is playing a bigger role in that support.

Are Call Center Workers Buried in Information?
If your customer agents aren't as up to speed as your technology is, you may be on the path to failure.

Colleges Optimizing the Cloud in Fundraising Calls
According to a recent blog, the cloud is now fulfilling a bigger role in schools' efforts to get financial support from alumni.

Users Expecting Optimal Benefits from Latest inContact Update
inContact has just announced its first 2015 release of new cloud software. According to the company, this release was driven by customer needs within enterprise service operations.

Call Center Workers Getting Much-Needed Backup
With speech analytics, call centers are able to confirm, validate and, in some cases, prove that agents are abiding by industry regulations.

Workers Likely to Cheer Coming Use of Better Measurement
The idea of analytics in the call center, and how it can be used to benefit both callers and call center workers is gaining traction.

Call Center Workers Need More Autonomy
If you give your people the power to make smart decisions, it may end up benefiting you in untold ways.

Workers Need Better Tools in the Call Center: Report
A number of executive respondents recently surveyed at the enterprise level of call centers noted that there was a clear need for enhanced reporting.

Teams Work in Tandem; Everyone Wins
An old saying reminds us that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but the converse also works; Strong links make for a strong chain.

Industry Leaders in New Call Center Venture
RingCentral, a leading provider of cloud business communications solutions, has announced the launch of the new RingCentral Contact Center powered by inContact.

Finding: Workers Perform Best When Managers Care
A new study says performance fluctuates widely and unnecessarily in most companies, in no small part from the lack of consistency in how people are managed.

For Optimal Results, Make Call Center Training a Priority
In today's fast-paced, take-no-prisoners world, everyone's attention span is shrinking. Very few folks have the time or patience to sit through a number of eight-hour days learning how to handle callers.

Cloud Comes to the Aid of Healthcare Provider
A national healthcare benefits provider is moving 100 contact center agents from its premise-based call center system to the cloud.

Leading BPO Company Signs on with inContact
inContact, a leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, has just announced it's been selected by a rapidly expanding BPO firm.

Workers Play Critical Role in Analytics
Collecting and analyzing call center data had been thought to be an expensive, time-consuming process, but advances in the field have done away with a lot of that worry and cost.

Research Uncovers What Your Callers Really Want
A new study was undertaken to gather insights directly from consumers about their online and phone purchases and service experiences during the busiest shopping months of the year."

Call Centers Now Eyeing Social Media Closer
'Social' is having an impact on today's contact centers, and leaders need to respond if they hope to survive.

Optimal Returns Seen When Call Centers are Managed Properly
The art and science of determining just how good an organization and its front line agents are performing is a process that continues to evolve.

Making the Most of Calls, Customers Get More Demanding: Findings
Asked about online or phone purchases over $25 in the last six months, consumers say they're still frequently interacting with company service reps.

Cloud Platform Call Center Comes to the Rescue Again
inContact reports that a leading travel and hospitality provider has selected its cloud platform to unify customer service operations across more than five contact centers.

inContact Strives for Optimal Effort Alongside CCNG
Call center leader inContact was recently cited as continuing to add value and perspective to CCNG programs and events.

Optimal Results Expected from New Collaboration
Call center leader inContact has signed another new client for its cloud-based solution

More Options Making Call Center Customers Happier
Expectations for infinite choice, instant response, and effortless and personalized experiences are higher than ever at call centers.

Optimal Returns Seen With Better Customer Engagement
Research shows call centers that don't focus on attempting a "better experience" for customers will lose ground to those that do.

Call Centers Workers Need Training on Digital Options
Contact centers have undergone an irreversible evolution over the last decade, new research shows. Digital is leading the way.

Challenges Abound as Contact Centers Strive for Satisfaction
A new report by the CFI Group says call centers were able to rebound quite a bit in 2015 over 2014, but still have a ways to go.

Optimize Your Workers, Optimize Your Data
New data can reveal insights that savvy marketers can use to advance their company and get some serious ROI.

Good year for inContact; More Seen Coming
Cloud contact center software provider inContact recently released its full-year and Q4 2014 financial results, revealing its substantial growth in revenue and product bookings.

inContact Scores Another Call Center Win
Leading travel company makes the move to inContact's call center cloud.

New Partnership to Aid Call Center Migration
Contact center software is nothing without a powerful infrastructure on which it can operate. That's now a step closer to reality.

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Introducing The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center

Introducing The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center™
Read how inContact gave four contact centers the power to put their customers first by solving every day contact center challenges.


Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Analytics-Driven Quality (ADQ) Powered by Verint®
While monitoring, measuring, and managing agent performance and service quality remain a priority, many contact centers are doing more than traditional quality monitoring-they're using "voice of the customer" intelligence to drive better decisions on products, services, and processes. Analytics allow a more sophisticated and efficient look into a larger sample of data and help you answer WHY like never before.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Workforce Optimization Brochure
inContact Workforce Optimization (WFO) is the first cloud workforce optimization solution. From interactions to staffing to learning retention and processes, inContact WFO can provide unprecedented visibility into performance, operations, and customer intelligence across your organization.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Workforce Management Datasheet
In this datasheet, we examine the challenges of managing the workforce in the contact center environment, particularly for the small to midsized center.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Quality Monitoring Datasheet
inContact Quality Monitoring can help you capture, evaluate, and learn from customer interactions, including voice conversations, email, Web chat sessions, and more.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

inContact Workforce Optimization Datasheet
inContact Workforce Optimization is a suite of cloudbased enterprise Workforce Optimization software and services that lets you perfect your customer service.


Putting Workforce Optimization to Work

Putting Workforce Optimization to Work
Learn how to deliver on the expectations of the mobile, multichannel customer requires companies to predict customer demand and manage agent resources more effectively.

Putting Workforce Optimization to Work

Business Motivators for Quality Monitoring
In an era of dynamic consumer demands, increased focus on customer engagement and tremendous choice and information, the valuation of customer experience initiatives is more evident and more needed than ever before.


Transforming the Customer Experience

Transforming the Customer Experience
Read how inContact gave four contact centers the power to put their customers first by solving every day contact center challenges.